Move, a 15 minute short film, is the first production from Common Language Films.  

Nik (Sarah de Possesse) and Jacquie (Lauren Orrell) are moving in together. They’ve loaded most of Nik’s relatively few possessions into the hire van downstairs and only have the wardrobe to go. As they’re manoeuvring it out of the room the wardrobe becomes wedged in the doorway. It won’t budge. They try everything but it looks like they’re stuck. Jacquie argues that the only way out is to smash through it, but Nik doesn’t want to. The longer they spend trapped in the room, the more they’re forced to deal with the underlying issues in their relationship. As time ticks by, they become increasingly tired, hungry and frustrated and the wardrobe comes to stand for more than just a piece of furniture.

Upon release in 2014, Move screened at the Brisbane Queer Film Festival, the Projects Short Film Festival and the Pride Festival in Brazos Valley, Texas.